Light Industrial Staffing

Elevate Your Operations with Premier Non-IT Light Industrial Staffing Solutions:

Positions We Expertly Fill
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineers
  • Machine and Forklift Operators
  • Assemblers and Warehouse Staff
  • HVAC Engineers, Mechanics, and Welders
  • Manufacturing Technicians and Supervisors
  • Service Technicians, Instrumentation Specialists
  • Maintenance Mechanics and Technicians
  • Electricians, Painters, Pipe Fitters, and more

Unlock unparalleled productivity and efficiency with MRA GLOBAL TECH LLC's comprehensive Light Industrial Staffing services. Tailored to meet your unique business needs, whether it's for a production ramp-up, volume hiring, or catering to seasonal demands, our service is designed to provide you with the optimal staffing solutions. Leveraging a national network of recruiters and a vast pool of pre-vetted talent, we ensure rapid deployment of industrial resources, minimizing your time-to-hire and significantly reducing overhead costs.

Our experience with leading multinational corporations has deepened our understanding of the critical nature of safety and compliance within the manufacturing sector. At MRA GLOBAL TECH LLC, we hold workplace safety and adherence to compliance standards in the highest regard, ensuring they remain our foremost priority.

Why Partner with MRA GLOBAL TECH LLC for Your Staffing Needs?

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Pre-screened Talent Pool: Our extensive database of ready-to-deploy, pre-screened talent positions us uniquely to meet your staffing requirements swiftly, making us your ideal partner in navigating the volatile manufacturing landscape.

Comprehensive Safety Training: Recognizing the paramount importance of worker safety, we've instituted standardized operating procedures, supplemented by third-party training for emergency preparedness, ensuring a safe working environment for all.

Thorough Background Checks: Our rigorous screening process encompasses both cultural fit and technical skill assessments, alongside detailed background checks conducted by reputable agencies to ensure the integrity and reliability of our workforce.

Specialized Engagement Team: Understanding the challenges of workforce management, our dedicated engagement team maintains constant communication with candidates, ensuring their commitment and presence from the moment of hire.

Resource Pool for Rapid Scale-up: With an active roster of 40-50 workers nearing assignment completion at any time, we stand ready to quickly scale up your operations, giving you a competitive edge in Light Industrial staffing.

Our Core Value Proposition

Experienced Recruitment Team: Our seasoned recruitment professionals are experts in identifying and placing top-tier industrial talent.

Commitment to Safety: We prioritize the health and safety of our workforce above all else, through comprehensive training and strict compliance with safety protocols.

On-site Account Management: Our dedicated account managers work closely with your team to ensure seamless staffing solutions that align with your operational goals.

Proven Track Record: Our history of successful placements across various sectors attests to our capability and reliability in meeting your staffing needs.

Efficient Cost and Time Management: Our strategic approach to staffing minimizes both cost-to-hire and submission time, optimizing your hiring process and budget.

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  • 44679 Endicott Dr 300-734, Ashburn VA 20147-5567.
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